Eliyan’s NuLink™ technology accelerates a myriad of applications that utilize die-to-die and die-to-memory connections between chiplets. We deliver unparalleled performance on both standard packaging and advanced packaging, providing solutions for a wide range of applications.

AI Applications

The explosion of AI is driving increasing connectivity needs, in particular for memory capacity (for training) and memory bandwidth (for inference). Eliyan’s D2D PHYs and memory chiplets can enable the AI revolution.

HPC/Server Applications

Server applications have been driving high-performance computing using advanced packaging. Eliyan’s technology enables even higher capacity and higher performance solutions by eliminating the size limitations of silicon interposers.

Automotive Applications

Automotive semiconductors are increasingly adopting chiplets to enable multiple configurations for end products. Eliyan’s NuLink solutions can enable high reliability chiplet connections for automotive applications.

Gaming/Consumer Applications

Consumer and gaming applications are extremely cost-sensitive and cannot support the additional cost and complexity of advanced packaging solutions. Eliyan’s solutions enable these consumer and gaming applications to use low-cost standard organic packaging.